Hi and welcome to my fifth (sixxth, seventh ...) journal on DW. I love to write but also am a bit of an attention-seeker when it comes to my writing, so I tend to want to be noticed. For this reason, I've been starting and then giving up on journaling a few times because no-one was coming here. Well, I'll have to change my attitude and just stick to the habit of writing regularly.

A littel about me: I'm currently 29-years-old and live in the Netherlands. As I said on my profile, I was born prematurely and live iwht multiple disabilities and mental health problems. I reside in a psychiatric institution, but hope to mov eout in six months to a year to go live with my husband. We just had soem financial issues which are stressing us out, unfortunately. My husband wors three days aw eek at irregular hours, so when I go live with him, we do need to get quite a bit of home support. I am optimistic this is a possibility.

I don't know yet whether I will keep my entries public or restricted to my access list. It probably will be a mixed bag. I am pretty much open to granting anyone access whom I don't know in real life.

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